MTI 65-541-WT (Surface mount)

MTI 65-542-WT (Flush mount)


Summary of Product

These carbon monoxide detectosr are listed by the UL/CSA for use in RVs and boats. They are virtually the same product.  The only significant difference is how they are mounted.  The MTI 65-541-WT is a surface mount and the MTI 65-542-WT is flush mounted.  They have met additional requirements that the UL imposes, including for vibration, cooking fumes, shock, humidity, salt water spray, corrosion, and temperature extremes. These products will operate in the widest range of environmental conditions of any of the detectors on this site.

They alarm at the UL levels and they don’t include a display, which means you are getting minimal protection. They have a short warranty and relatively short life compared to the other UL/CSA listed products. They also require some wiring to install them, which you can do yourself or hire it out.

Bottom line, if you need a CO detector that can perform in extreme conditions, one of these might be your best choice.


Features At A Glance

Is It UL/CSA: Yes
Low-Level Info: None
Operating Environment: -40 to 150 deg F; 15-93 %RH
Display & Range: No
Alarm Levels & Types: 70 ppm: 1-4 hrs; 150 ppm: 10-50 min;
400 ppm: 4 – 15 min. 85 dB horn + flashing LED
Power Source: wired into RV 12v power
Warranty: 1 year
Expected Life: 5 years
Other Considerations: None

   Flush Mount

   Surface Mount