Kidde Ultra-sensitive KN-COU-B Low Level Monitor

Kidde Ultra-sensitive KN-COU-B Low Level Monitor

Summary of Productkidde ultra-sensitive KN-COU-B

This is the product that manufacturers of most CO detectors recommend you buy and use if you have “medical problems”.  While we agree, we assume they have vastly expanded the meaning of the term to include infancy, old age, smokers, and many others.  This detector will automatically alert you when you’re being exposed to unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, as set by a range of public and private agencies.  So even if you aren’t suffering from “medical problems”, but just don’t want to be exposed to ongoing low levels of CO, this is the detector for you.

For superior protection against low level carbon monoxide exposure 24/7, buy this product.

Features At A Glance

Is It UL/CSA: No
Low-Level Info: Displays 0 from 0 to 9 ppm, displays actual readings at 11 and above
Operating Environment: 40 – 100 deg F; 10%-95% non-condensing relative humidity
Display & Range: Continuous display shows CO levels as low as 10 PPM (parts per million). Updates digital reading every 15 seconds to let you see if levels have changed. Otherwise shows “0”
Alarm Levels & Types: 20 ppm: 20 to 115 min; 70 ppm: 0 to 20 min;
150 ppm: 0 to 7.5 min; 400 ppm:0 to 4 min; horn + flashing LED
Power Source: 3-AA Batteries
Warranty: 10 year limited
Expected Life: 10 years
Other Considerations: None