Kidde C3010 – Sealed-Battery and No Display

Kidde Model C3010


Summary of Product

The Kidde C3010 is a basic UL/CSA-listed carbon monoxide detector that complies with current codes. Its sealed lithium batteries make it virtually tamper-proof, but they’re not included in the 10-year warranty  It provides minimal protection due to too-high UL/CSA alarm levels. Battery power makes it mountable anywhere.




Kidde C3010 back viewFeatures At A Glance

Is It UL/CSA: Yes
Does it Give Low-Level Info: No
Operating Environment: 40 – 100 degF; 10-95 %RH NC
Display & Range: No display
Alarm Levels & Types: 70 ppm: 1-4 hrs; 150 ppm: 10-50 min;
400 ppm: 4 – 15 min. 85 dB horn + Kidde C3010 top viewflashing LED
Power Source: Non-replaceable lithium battery
Warranty: 10 years, except battery
Expected Life: 10 years
Other Considerations: None