Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Hotels & Travel

Whenever you are away from home, there is a possibility of being exposed to an unsafe level of carbon monoxide. This can be particularly bad if you are very sensitive to carbon monoxide poisoning. Whether you are in a hotel, a restaurant, a parking garage, or anywhere else outside your home, protect yourself with a portable carbon monoxide detector.

Most people assume that someone else is watching out for them; that “they” would not allow you to be harmed. Unfortunately, the continual reports in the news of victims of carbon monoxide poisoning in public places would suggest that trust in others might be unwise.  This  is especially true when you travel abroad.  With a small, portable carbon monoxide detector, you won’t have to rely on someone else. You can know the carbon monoxide level anywhere you go, all of the time.  In fact, it might be you that prevents others from being harmed by carbon monoxide poisoning if you are using one of these devices.


 Sensorcon CO InspectorSensorcon CO Inspector

Not as small as the Pocket CO, but still very portable, this versatile and portable detector is the best all-around device we sell. It will alert you to unsafe levels of carbon monoxide with audible and visual alarms, as well as vibrate.


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Pocket CO DetectorPocket CO with keys

This tiny, portable low-level carbon monoxide detector is a serious entry into the market. Its small size and weight make it ideal for use in travel – driving, flying, going anywhere. It can be attached to a set of keys or clipped on your clothing. Despite its name, it is not designed to be used in your pocket. It needs to be exposed to the air you breathe to work as intended. It does need to be calibrated once per year, or returned to the factory for a full refurbishment. A handy, unobtrusive, vigilant device that works well.

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